When you pull your “clean” dishes out, do they still have food stuck to them? Do you see flashing lights or hear odd noises you didn’t before? Is there a leaking of water around the dishwasher? Does the door not latch properly or the soap dispenser not dispense properly? These are all common issues a dishwasher may have and Dave’s Appliance Care is trained to fix them quickly and affordably.

Dishwashers mix hot water and soap and spray it upwards towards the dishes to clean and sanitize them. After this, soapless water is sprayed to rinse them off. This cycle may need to repeat a few times before the load is done. Many moving parts are involved and if any of them are not functioning fully, you could have a mess on your hands.

Dave’s Appliance Care can help solve whatever dishwasher issue you may be experiencing. Have the model and serial number ready so we can ask the right questions. Also, be specific about the issue you are noticing. We are happy to visit your home or business and diagnose what might be causing the problem. We operate in Durham, Raleigh, and the surrounding Triangle area of North Carolina.