Microwaves are a mystery to most people. You put your food in, the plate starts spinning, and a minute or two later, you have a fully cooked meal. But what do you do when your miracle of modern science stops working? Dave’s Appliance Care repairs microwaves and is more than happy to come troubleshoot whatever problem your microwave seems to be experiencing.

A microwave really is a complicated piece of machinery. It can be dangerous to try to repair one yourself, even if you fancy yourself a handyman and want to save a few dollars. Admittedly, if you have an old microwave that was only $35 when you bought it, it may not be worth paying for repairs (although we’re happy to try). But for moderate to expensive units, especially higher-end built in models, it is definitely worth repairing before simply replacing it with a new one.

Sometimes the touchpad will stop operating or will not react consistently. The touchpad loses effectiveness over time and is often the first thing to malfunction on a microwave. The display and control panel are related parts that may need repair, as well. If the exhaust fan or the turntable stop spinning, it could be a simple matter of replacing a part of the mechanism. More serious problems may be indicated if you see sparks, the microwave continues running with the door open, food is left uncooked, or the microwave is repeatedly blowing fuses.

Dave’s Appliance Care repairs microwaves in and around the Triangle area of North Carolina. We proudly serve Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, and other towns in the area. Call us today if you need assistance with your microwave or other appliance.